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First Batch is at Crowd Supply

First shipment

Crowd Supply has received the first shipment of StereoPi boards for fulfillment! The rest from this batch are expected to arrive next week.

Now is the time to check your shipping address in your Crowd Supply account and update it if necessary.

Well, let’s open the box:

  • StereoPi first batch first box

Who’s there?

StereoPi first batch 1


There are lot of StereoPi inside!

StereoPi first batch 2


Top view...

StereoPi first batch top view


...and the bottom...

StereoPi first batch bottom view


...and the front view...

StereoPi first batch front view


MicroSD with the Raspbian S.L.P. image

StereoPi first batch S.L.P. Raspbian image



Short camera ribbons

StereoPi first batch short camera ribbons



Family photo

StereoPi first batch family photo



Both boxes: StereoPi and accessories

StereoPi first batch both boxes, with accessories


Almost sold out

Also, we’d like to state that almost all boards from the first batch are already sold. At this moment only a few boards from this run are available for order and those are on Crowd Supply. If you planned to get a StereoPi from the current batch, now is the time to do it.

No need to worry about availability going forward, though - plans for the second batch are already in play. At this time, we estimate that the next batch will arrive at the end of June. We’ll let you know when those plans are finalized.