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HQ camera UV photo 1
Deep Ultraviolet Imaging Using the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera
realizator | 09 April 2021

How to View Below 350nm? The Raspberry Pi HQ camera has gotten into the hands of ultraviolet photographers and with a few modifications the camera has had…

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StereoPi v2 laser beam
Stereoscopic Vision, Neural Networks, and Laser Beams
realizator | 12 March 2021

Sounds like fun, right? Today, we’ll share with you a couple of projects that are using this set of technologies to solve real problems. Fighting Weeds As a…

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StereoPi v2 3D model
3D Model Published
realizator | 05 March 2021

In today’s short Friday update, we’d like to share our 3D model for StereoPi v2. If you are designing your own enclosure—or trying to guess whether or not this…

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StereoPi v2 metal housing
Crowdfunding Has Begun!
realizator | 24 February 2021

We are glad to announce that our StereoPi v2 campaign is live! In this next generation of the StereoPi, we took into account a lot of requests from our…

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StereoPi v2
How we developed StereoPi v2 overcoming 6 failures along the way
realizator | 09 November 2020

Introduction The new Compute Module 4 was recently announced. It just so happens that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has provided us with early access to…

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StereoPi animation
Synchronizing the photos of two StereoPi boards
realizator | 07 October 2020

  You may ask "Why do I need to use a bunch of the StereoPi?" Well, we got a set of requests from our customers, who need to take a lot of images at once. …

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StereoPi compatible Nvidia Jetson cameras
RPi camera V2 crypto chip features: Compute Module and Nvidia Jetson Nano
realizator | 09 April 2020

If you haven’t followed the evolution of cameras for the Raspberry Pi, then here is a very brief summary of the latest events: the Nvidia Jetson Nano kit…

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DEEPi shark
Biologging and Raspberry Pi
realizator | 24 March 2020

Source: Phillips et al., Deep-Sea Research I 2019 We’ve found fantastic research made by a group of oceanologists. They suggest affordable solution based on…

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StereoPi USB gadget (RNDIS device)
StereoPi used as USB device
realizator | 23 March 2020

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module powering the StereoPi has the ability to operate as an USB device thanks to an USB-OTG hardware within the processor. This…

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StereoPi Python C++
OpenCV: comparing the speed of C++ and Python code on the Raspberry Pi for stereo vision
realizator | 05 February 2020

You often hear that Python is too slow for computer vision, especially when it comes to single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. Python is very simple and…

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Field Report: Meet Blinky, a Telepresence Droid
realizator | 30 December 2019

I purchased a StereoPi deluxe kit when it was launched on Crowd Supply in 2019. The StereoPi was the inspiration behind Blinky, a camera case that can walk,…

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Macro stereoscopic image with StereoPi
Macro 3D photo with the StereoPi
Editor | 24 December 2019

This is our third article in The Art of Stereoscopic Photo series (part 1, part 2). In it, you will learn how to take stereoscopic photographs of small objects…

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StereoPi AnyCase
Introducing brand new AnyCase Kit!
realizator | 20 December 2019

Quick prototyping is a must. As a maker you must know, that sometimes some minor inconvenience (like lack of appropriate bolts and nuts) leads to the huge time…

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Horse vision by Alan Hook
Horse Vision, Humanoid Telepresence Robot and other Cool Projects from StereoPi Owners
realizator | 09 December 2019

Horse Vision Have you ever noticed that a horse’s eye position and view direction differs from the human’s eyes? Actually they have wider field of view,…

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StereoPi OculusGo experiment
DIY VR headset as a StereoPi Companion
realizator | 05 November 2019

One of our friends does psychological research in the field of human perception. He was impressed by our experiment with Oculus Go, and wanted to use this…

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Taki stereopi case
Field Report Grand Prix Contest Winners!
realizator | 22 October 2019

  Minimalist case from mounting plate This nifty case project was done by user Taki(Germany). You can see all the details in their field report.…

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Oculus go experiment
DIY VR headset for the StereoPi. 10 ms latency for just $135
Editor | 19 October 2019

A friend of mine does psychological research in the field of human perception. He was impressed by our experiment with Oculus Go, and wanted to use this…

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Stereomaton sunflower
Field Report Follow-up: Stereomaton Goes Live!
realizator | 10 October 2019

Now that we’ve presented the project and the details of its case design, we’d like to conclude this short series about the Stereomaton with a look at how it…

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StereoPi archaeological drone
Field Report: Archaeological Survey Drone
realizator | 30 September 2019

The Business Development team at our university, ZSEM, together with the high tech startup Coggnix, is developing a remote sensing drone equipped specifically…

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Taki StereoPi minimalistic case
Field Report: Minimalist case from mounting plate
realizator | 26 September 2019

    Then I added some hexagonal plastic stand-offs that I had in my workshop and gave it a try. Unfortunately, the camera cable next to the HDMI connector is…

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StereoPi Raspbian Buster
Raspbian Buster with OpenCV for your StereoPi, and KiCad schematic
realizator | 13 September 2019

“New features always means new bugs”Socrates, 446 BC As a rule, we prefer to use stable releases of Raspbian and OpenCV in our images. This helps users to…

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A robot on StereoPi - fisheye cameras
A robot on StereoPi, part 1: fisheye cameras
Editor | 29 July 2019

The goal of this series of articles is to create a compact indoor robot that can navigate using stereo vision. As a platform for it, we’ll use a small Dagu RP5…

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CM3+ Lite
Second batch status, CM3+ here again, and 3 new video tutorials
realizator | 08 July 2019

Better late than never. Basic video guides are here! We recorded 3 video guides with a detailed “first start” explanation. How to insert Compute Module, why…

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StereoPi SLP update
The Art of Stereoscopic Photography, livestreaming additions, and GPIO pinout
realizator | 14 June 2019

We’ve put out the second article in our series of guides to stereoscopic photography. The first part of this series concerned some theory and basics, but…

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The Art of Stereoscopic Photo
The Art Of Stereoscopic Photo, part 2
Editor | 13 June 2019

Introduction In the previous article we reviewed the main rules and principles that allow you to get high-quality stereo photographs. In this article we will…

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eMMC equipped Compute Module raspberry Pi
Working with eMMC and Skybox Hack Details
realizator | 19 May 2019

The eMMC on non-“Lite” Compute Modules is highlighted by a red circle in this photo. This chip capacity varies from 4 Gb to 32 Gb, depending on Compute 3/3+…

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StereoPi Skybox on Oculus Go
Hacking Skybox on Oculus Go for StereoPi live streaming
Editor | 16 May 2019

I’ll skip a lengthy intro and go straight to the point. So, I have a stereo camera capable of outputting H264 video over different protocols, and I have an…

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The Art Of Stereoscopic Photo
The Art Of Stereoscopic Photo
Editor | 10 May 2019

With the StereoPi, you can enter the world of stereoscopic photography! The art of stereoscopic photography actually began in the 18th century and the…

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Crowd Supply StereoPi shipping
Shipping, Forum, and a Wiki
realizator | 25 April 2019

  When your parcel is on it’s way, you will receive an email notification with the tracking details. Some of you may have already received a tracking number…

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StereoPi first batch first box
First Batch is at Crowd Supply
realizator | 18 April 2019

Who’s there?   There are lot of StereoPi inside!   Top view...   ...and the bottom...   ...and the front view...   MicroSD with the Raspbian S.L.P. image…

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StereoPi OpenCV
OpenCV Depth Map Examples Code and Production Status
realizator | 08 April 2019

The tutorial consists of six steps: Step 1: Capture image Step 2: Capture photos for calibration Step 3: Create set of left and right images Step 4:…

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Open CV and Depth map
OpenCV and Depth Map on StereoPi tutorial
Editor | 05 April 2019

UPD> We have updated version of this article, including C++ code, here:OpenCV: comparing the speed of C++ and Python code on the Raspberry Pi for stereo…

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Raspberry Pi cameras
Last Three Days, and How to Catch a V2 Wide-angle Unicorn
realizator | 07 March 2019

Brand-new CM3+ Lite Availability Thanks to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, we were able to get some of the newest CM3+ Lite modules! This module has quickly…

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stereopi slim microusb
Hardware Details for DIY Ninjas
Editor | 20 February 2019

Slim Edition Micro USB Connector First, let’s answer a question from one of our backers. The description for StereoPi Slim Edition mentions it has Micro USB…

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StereoPi crowdfunding
OK! The StereoPi campaign is now live!
realizator | 30 January 2019

Let me start with a small secret. To tell the truth, this board was originally developed as an internal tool for our team. We imagined it as some kind of “…

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360 panorama with StereoPi
Stitching 360 panorama with Raspberry Pi CM3, StereoPi and two fisheye cameras. Step-by-step guide.
Editor | 14 December 2018

In this article we will continue our experiments with the StereoPi stereoscopic camera based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. This time, we will create a…

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20 prototypes
Factory prototypes passed all tests
realizator | 10 December 2018

During these 3 weeks these things happened: During first week factory started PCB manufacturing and begun components bought.   During second week components…

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StereoPi ROS depth map test
ROS: a simple depth map using Raspberry Pi
realizator | 29 November 2018

If you use ROS when creating robots, then you probably know that it supports utilization of stereo cameras. For example, you can create a depth map of the…

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StereoPi Oculus Go experiment
You from 3rd person view: StereoPi + Oculus Go
realizator | 25 November 2018

My friend showed me some screenshots to clarify what it should look like:   After several days to compile mechanical parts and write some code for video…

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First step in batch production
realizator | 14 November 2018

As you may know, factory batch production is a difficult challenge with a very high cost of errors. To avoid mistakes, we will take some preliminary steps to…

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